Sunday, October 18, 2015

Phone Call!!

Today was Liberty Sunday for the recruits.....sorry, MARINES now. They finished the Crucible yesterday, meaning they got their Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, meaning they're Marines! It's fantastic! But, today was Liberty Sunday, meaning the new Marine's got to call home. And, I got an 8 minute phone call!

Eek! I'm ecstatic! Now, 8 minutes may not sound like a lot but it was a lot. We talked a little bit and it was just nice to hear his voice again. It was fantastic. So, basically, this is now the phone call went.

The phone rang once and it was his mom, trying to get a three way call set up. I dove for my phone and answered, saying "Hello? Hello?" over and over again. But, I couldn't hear anything and I didn't know if they could hear me either. So, I get hung up on and his mom calls me, saying that I missed the call. I told her that I didn't and that it just didn't work. She said,"He kept calling your name over and over to try to hear you." So, we talked a little more and then hung up on each other, hoping I would get another call. I was shaking and anxious and excited and scared.

So, my phone rings again, this time a South Carolina number. I answer it, saying "Hello?!", a bit frantically. And, he responds, "Is this who I think this is?" and I immediately freeze and my heart is beating out of my chest and I feel like crying and I say "Yeah," and he says, "This is Madison, isn't it?" and I say "Yeah. Hi baby," and he says "Hi baby" back.

We....well, I say we, he did most of the talking..... talked about the Crucible  and boot camp and what's he's been up to. We talked about travel plans and what he was going do when he gets off the island, which he is so ready for.

I told him, "I'm shaking right now" and he asked "Are you about to cry?" and I say "Probably. Shut up," and he laughs and says "Don't cry baby" and I laugh, because I'm being silly. I say "I miss you" and he says "I miss you too" and it just pulls at my heart strings and makes me happy to know that he missed me too.

He asked if I had any stories and I told him "I stayed up until 2 playing board games" and he said "Oh, only two? Try having night watch baby", making me laugh and blush.

So, we get to talking about nicknames and he said "You can probably expect a lot more cussing. That's all we've heard since we've been on the island". I, of course, had to laugh at that. His friend/brother/rack mate was in the background, trying to be the third wheel in our conversation. (Apparently, a lot of Marines cried while talking to their girlfriends and moms, so he was probably trying to keep the conversation from getting sappy).

But, we got to talking about nicknames and how everyone is basically called b*tch on the island and then I get hung up on. He only got 15 minutes and he spent the first half talking to his dad. So, we didn't get to say goodbye or even "I love you" but that's okay, because I got to talk to my Marine. And, it was amazing.

So, girls, if your dating a military man and he only gets a five minute or even a two minute phone call, cherish that time with him, because it's all the time he has. Don't be disappointed that it's not longer. Be happy that you got a call.

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